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          Call: 1.513.874.7022 | E-mail: sales@johnsonnash.com
          Custom Stainless Steel Products Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication Material Handling & Conveyors FabricationPlatforms & Wallkovers Fabrication Work Stations Fabrication Industrial Duct Work Fabrication Our Stainless Steel Manufacturing Process


          Johnson?Nash Metal Products is a manufacturer of Custom Stainless Steel fabrications to specifications. Our products include conveyors, hoppers, tanks, racks, guards, stairs, platforms and walkovers, ductwork, conveyor systems, electrical enclosures, vacuum and air control systems, prototypes work and specialty work. We work in aluminum, stainless steel, steel and galvanized steel. CAD design and engineering services are also available for concept development and retrofitting applications.

          Custom Stainless
          Steel Fabrication

          • Angle iron
          • Bar stock
          • I-Beams
          • Tubing
          Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

          Material Handling & Conveyor Fabrication

          • Custom conveyors up to 250 ft
          • Flex-Tops
          • Mat-Top
          • Belt Conveyors
          Custom Material Handling and Conveyor Fabrication

          Platforms & Walkovers Fabrication

          • Tread Plate/ Safety Plate
          • Bar Grating
          • Open Steel Floor Grating
          • Floor Plate
          Custom Platforms and Walkovers

          Serving Industry

          Consumer Products

          Work Stations Fabrication

          • Tables
          • Cabinets
          • Benches
          • Shelves
          Custom Stainless Steel Work Station Equipment

          Industrial Duct Work  Fabrication

          • Stainless 304,309,316
          • Aluminum 3003, 6061
          • Galvanized 
          Custom Stainless Steel Duct Work

          Manufacturing Process Services

          • Existing Production Expansion 
          • New Production Applications
          • Retrofitting or Remanufacturing
          Custom Stainless Steel Manufacturing Processes

          Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication, 100% in-house fabrication capabilities, we work with your team to generate cost-effective design and fabrication solutions which are durable and low-maintenance

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